• AW2_9777

    Masking Tape Installation

    by Cameron Fuller


Cameron Fuller

American, born 1975

Untitled Wall Drawing

Masking tape, 2015

Utilizing repeated structural motifs that flow across the walls with rhythmic movement, St. Louis-based artist Cameron Fuller creates what he calls “an empty set piece” that invites the viewer to imagine what might go on in such an evocative setting. His medium is masking tape—an ordinary, utilitarian material that he transforms into something extraordinary.

Fuller’s playful tape drawings develop intuitively—he constructs them freehand, letting the space and his own “marathon” working style direct how they progress. Masking tape appeals to Fuller for the strong graphic quality of the lines it creates and also because it only reveals itself as the medium once you look really closely and can see the torn edges and rippled areas. These little imperfections add to a sense of discovery and reward as the method reveals itself.