• anythingcanbreak

    Anything Can Break

    by Pinaree Sanpitak


The ‘flying cubes’ along with the ‘body’ and ‘breasts’ underline my attempt to expand our perception and alter our attitudes through different sensory modes, aroused by these seemingly different but connected rigid geometric and organic forms.
—Pinaree Sanpitak

Pinaree Sanpitak

Thai, born 1961

Anything Can Break

Installation: handmade glass, paper, specially-composed music, motion sensors, sound system, 2011–present. Lent by Pinaree Sanpitak
In collaboration with all(zone) [display], Kris Manopimok [lighting], beourfriend [sound system] Soundtracks: set 1, Jeffrey Calman, Avi Sills, Amir Effrat/set 2, Tim Gruchy

Origami cubes, blown-glass breast-like “clouds,” fiber optics, and two specially-composed sets of sound components combine in this hanging installation to give Pinaree Sanpitak’s Anything Can Break an ethereal feel. Motion sensors trigger certain elements of the compositions (set 1 by Jeffery Calman, Avi Sills, and Amir Efrat; set 2 by Tim Gruchy) as you walk beneath the installation, allowing for a unique interaction between you and the work’s visual and musical elements.

Anything Can Break was first installed in 2011 in Bangkok and then in 2012 at the Sydney Biennale. The installation here is roughly two-thirds the size of the original version.

The two sound compositions alternate at the top of each hour, so you can time your visits to have different experiences.